This is a third-person action game where the player fights with a taijutsu and a bow and arrow, acquiring new weapons and special skills to defeat more powerful alien enemies.


  • Lawrence Peng: Programmer, Action/Animation Designer, Audio implementation and Designer, UI/UX(Not 2D art asset) Designer.

Responsibilities of mine:

  • Lawrence: Finish the programming of the combat system, timeline, locomotion system of the player, enemy AI system, audio system, menu UI, and all systems which are associated with gameplay. Finish the audio design and implementation. Design the combat system which included the actions and skills.

Challenges I was facing:

One of the primary challenges I faced was determining how to effectively narrow the scope of our projects. This involved making crucial decisions on what to prioritize and what to set aside to maintain focus and manageability. Additionally, adjusting the workload to ensure each team member received the right amount of work was another significant challenge. This required a deep understanding of each teammate’s capabilities and current commitments, as well as constant communication to balance the workload and keep the team engaged and productive without overwhelming anyone.

The knowledge I gain:

The practices I learned from the course can be effectively applied to other projects in several ways. First, I can utilize tools like Jira and Todo to manage project tasks more efficiently. These tools help in organizing tasks, tracking progress, and ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Additionally, I have learned how to prioritize multiple tasks effectively, which allows for better allocation of resources and time management across different project stages. Lastly, the concept of conceiving user stories will enable me to better understand and meet the needs of the end-users, ensuring that the project outcomes are user-centered and practical.

Visual of Design:

Sketch of the village that under aliens’ control
Sketch of the aliens’ stone

Visuals of Game in Development:

Enemy has been freeze
Parasite’s model
Playground for testing the player’s controller
Grey box of the level.

Visual of Final Game:

Square where the game start
Player and commander
The destination of the game which is a power station



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